Around here, in the Midwestern part of the United States, April showers are shaking up to please, please, bring May flowers in an astrological month that’s already seen multiple quakes from Mercury, Saturn and Venus through the planet of ‘make it thunder and lightning bolt,’ Uranus. 

Yes, Darlings, Taurus Season is here to prove that Venus isn’t always pretty. It’s the whole life cycle, Baby—the beauty of creation and the sinking gut feeling of destruction and loss when the beauty slips or slams away, by the hand of time, nature, or mankind. 

This year, as last year and the year before that, and for a few years to come, the visitation of Uranus in Taurus shines a spotlight on the fragility of earthly delights: what we most desire can be taken away in a moment. Loved ones, homes, money, land, careers...Or sprung into our lap in an instant! A windfall of cash, a new relationship...

Oh, the ups and downs of what should be a fixed, steady, season! 

What follows isn’t a horoscope in the usual sense of what’s coming. Rather, below are some words for helping you get through whatever comes your way—in this season or any other. 

As always, read for your Rising Sign. If you don’t know your Rising Sign, go for your Sun. Then Moon. Then read all of them! Take what fits and discard the rest.

And in between all of that: don’t forget to breathe.


Is it tax season? Is it the Pandemic? Money comes and, often, perhaps more often, it goes—and not always (if ever) in a convenient way. With Taurus rolling through your second house of material goods, take the opportunity to let the financial waves shape your relationship to money. What are you even chasing? Have you ever stopped to consider the connection between your income and your higher purpose? 

On the hard days, remind yourself it’s all just energy and maybe take a nap. 


Imagine you’re a volcano, and for the next several years you're going to be erupting. You may be erupting right now. Your eyes dripping hot lava tears. The heat emanating off your 700 plus degree molten rock body. In your rush to read this before your computer melts you may be asking “WHY OH WHY.” Honestly, I have no idea, but when this transit’s over, I guarantee you're going to feel like a tropical island blooming all sorts of fresh delights. 

In the meantime, find your inner still place and hangout there.

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Taurus may be a volcano, but you have a mental volcano erupting out of the deep recesses of your unconscious, Mercurial Friend. Isn’t it frustrating how the more you try to push your thoughts & feelings down the faster they bubble to the surface? Like an impossible game of whack-a-mole! BTW, whose idea was that? Whack a what??? You can’t escape your thoughts. Because they will haunt you. Instead, greet them with a kind smile, and maybe a snack, before sending them back down into their deep, dark, hole. 



Some people don’t keep friends in the loose sense. Sure, they probably have family and beloved almost-family, but they’re just not into the whole acquaintance/ colleague/ comrade thing. This may or may not be you, Watery One, but with your ‘mythological journey of 1,000 feats to earn your trust,’ you can likely relate to the sentiment. Which means Uranus is here to give you a good shake! Keep an open mind as strangers break your bubble in meaningful ways and almost-family exit unannounced. 

When you’re at the brink of despair, repeat these words aloud: I am born alone, and I will die alone. 



I don’t care what anyone says: Leos need attention. Even the shy ones love to put on a show, albeit an intimate one—a show nonetheless. Lucky for you, Uranus is making moves through the most public part of your chart, so you can expect to be seen. What you can’t expect is for that to necessarily be a pleasant thing. Sometimes people are seen in the center of a public scandal or a very public divorce. Of course, sometimes they’re seen making very exciting career moves. 

Prepare for the world to thrust you center stage—while you prepare a peaceful foundation to rest your soul when the action unwinds. 



Hey, you. You’re reading this, so chances are you’re somewhat into Astrology. This is excellent news! With Uranus traveling through your ninth house of Astrology & Magic & Philosophy, ETC, now’s an ideal time to explore the bigger questions—before you’re forced into a new perspective. Like a near death experience or one of those stories that ends with “I wish I had taken the time to slow down earlier…” *sigh* Perhaps I exaggerate, but the point remains...

Pick up a tarot deck. Or a new book (any book). Plan a moon ritual with friends. Wherever you choose to take these thoughts, you’ve got this, Virgo. Asking questions and searching for answers is what you do.


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Whenever a planet travels through a part of our chart designed for other people, the results can be complex and call into question our relationship to the whole of our shared resources. The group with whom we share these resources can be all of humanity or a select group of people such as a family or business unit. These resources may be money—inherited or taxed—or the most basic resource of all, our lives. Now is the time to remember the complex and beautiful and messy web of human existence that none of us can escape.

While it may be true that we’re born alone and we die alone, none of us can escape the communal trip that is life on Spaceship Earth. 

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Are you single? In a committed relationship? In a business venture with partners? Uranus is here to bring all of that into question. Perhaps the greatest gift of the ‘Awakener’ is to show us a myriad of possibilities in rapid succession, so when this planet’s done with us, we can move forward to make a choice from the lived wisdom of our experiences. Imagine sudden relationship or career opportunities seemingly out of nowhere or an event that has you reimagining, or reawakening, an established relationship. 

When experiencing fluctuations with the other, keep in mind it’s all just a reflection. 

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Oh, Centaur, ye of frolicking adventures—you more than any sign of the zodiac know how to turn broken plans into a party of delight! You may even enjoy a healthy dose of the unexpected. Keyword: healthy. With Uranus making merry through your sixth house of work work work and daily maintenance, open yourself to the sober process of realigning and revisioning that the planet of sudden insights makes demands. Even if that health scare or unexpected job reconfiguration turns out alright, take the lesson to heart.

Mantra: you are all the time as you are some of the time. 


You are one of the most misunderstood signs—and creatures—of the Zodiac, Sea Goat Friend. People are too quick to peg you as the overly ambitious power player without considering your gentle and receptive sensibilities and the fact that you’re often out trying to secure material resources to provide for those you love. You carry a big responsibility. While Uranus isn’t asking you to shake it off, flexibility is required as it passes through your house of Creative Projects and Making Babies. I am not making this up. 

Taking a break for some joy increases productivity in the long run, I promise. 




In case you’re out searching for a motorhome, be warned that this global pandemic has made them scarce. Maybe you already live in one. Or a houseboat on the river. Or a teeny, tiny, itsy bitsy home on your parents plot of land. Or a converted school bus behind a punk venue in a Rustbelt city. Or, maybe, you live in a sleepy suburban bungalow. Or a downtown rental you’ve kept for a decade, that you’re itching to leave, but the rent control’s too good. Whatever and however! With Uranus slamming against your foundations, now’s the time to break free. 

Welcome to an Air Age: Home is where the Internet is. 



In Astrology, the same part of the chart that governs siblings also has jurisdiction over our neighborhood and short distance travel and general matters of communication. We can summarize it as our everyday lived experience: our surroundings and the way we interact with them. Consider Uranus’s time here a call to action: decide where you want to spend your time and energy, and voice that vision to the Universe. 

And should something heavy come along to shatter that vision, take the opportunity to create a new one. To paraphrase a great Peloton instructor, Alex Toussaint: there are no losers, only quitters. 

CV Henriette is a writer, maker of Cosmic Apothecary, and consulting Astrologer at ART of the ZODIAC. Follow her on Instagram at art_of_the_zodiac.