The name Supernatural is inspired by the magical power and beauty that all women possess. This shop and its thoughtful selection of lingerie celebrate and reflect you in all of your many divine feminine facets.

Our values are simple. All items that we carry are made ethically and sustainably. These words are often used but not consistently defined. To us, ethical and sustainable means that workers are paid fairly, work in humane conditions, all designs are original, and attention is paid to reducing waste and protecting the environment. No sweatshops, no knockoffs.

We work exclusively with independent designers who share these values and create beautiful items for everyday luxury.

As students of astrology and Tarot, we appreciate and harness the awesome power of femininity and the need for women to support each other rather than compete with one another in the way we’ve been conditioned by the patriarchy.

We all have unique and beautiful bodies, and it is our sincere wish that you will find something at Supernatural that makes you feel ready to stand in your power as you are — which is beautiful and powerful — nipples and stretch marks and all! It is our pleasure to deliver ethically made lingerie that reflects individual style, and cultivate a physical & virtual space of positivity and self appreciation right here in metro Detroit.