This emerging German brand is committed to a high standard of ethics and sustainability, not to mention contemporary and avant-garde design. 

Opaak Chloe underwire spacer bra in light beige (bleached sand), front view shown on model


Chloe Underwired Spacer Bra


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Opaak Lil leg strap garter in black, attached to matching Anou sheer mesh thong, back view, on model


Lil Leg Strap


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Opaak Ewa long sleeved underwire bodysuit in black, back view, on model On sale


Ewa Long Sleeve Bodysuit

$99.00 $275.00

Opaak Fey high waist brief in ultra violet purple with black trim, shown with matching garter straps on model, side/back view On sale
Only 1 left!


Fey High Cut Brief

$29.00 $91.00

Lee long sleeved crop top by Opaak, in bright ultra violet purple, side view, on model On sale
Only 1 left!


Lee Crop Top

$49.00 $164.00


Opaak's seriously chic designs add gorgeous and sophisticated luxe to everyday dressing, and their commitment to sustainability, eco-friendly materials, and ethical production is second to none. The use of geometric motifs and graphic lines to frame the body create an contemporary sensuality without resorting to typically "feminine" standbys of florals and frills. 

Mixed with elegant-sporty silhouettes and elements from ready-to-wear, Opaak extends the invitation to combine underwear as outerwear. The line’s clean design is finished with a selection of functional trims and materials that create an overall contemporary, yet sensual body wear collection. Although pieces can be worn within a cool, sexy and sporty context, they can also strike as avant-garde.

Designed in Germany, Opaak is developed in close collaboration with experienced suppliers, pattern cutters, and manufacturers from the luxury segment. The Opaak collection is produced with a luxury manufacturer in Romania, following EU legislation regarding ethical, social and environnemental standards. Paying special care to operate eco-friendly and through ethically sustainable supply chains, Opaak sources all of its materials and services from European partners.

Ranging from regenerative and recycled materials to GOTS-certified organic cotton, Opaak continually researches innovations within the sustainable material industry to strike a balance for a sustainable product offering with uncompromised design and quality.

Abandoning traditional lace, floral designs and other embellishments, Opaak opts for clean finishes, technical surfaces and minimalistic textile design. The handwriting is defined by contrasts between expression and sensitivity. The collection, therefore, is a play among transparent, opaque and structured versus sleek surfaces.