Hello my meticulous maidens! It's Virgo season and it serves as a fresh reminder that the Devil is in the details. 


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Chartreuse Liana strap thong with gold plated hardware by Studio Pia. Back view on model, styled with matching garter belt and bra.

Studio Pia

Liana Strap Thong


Studio Pia chartreuse basque with spring floral embroidery and straps that criss cross at the chest. Front view on model, styled with white pants and heels.

Studio Pia

Liana Basque


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Olive green lace Kaia thong by Else. Front view on model with matching bralette.


Kaia Thong in Olive


Plaster white thong with cobweb lace by Else. Back/side view on model with matching soft bra.


Cobweb Thong in Plaster



Virgos are particular and practical, however they love to futz over the specifics. This Essence collection from Opaak is the perfect combination of all things loved by Virgo: a neutral color and underwire that gets the job done but with a subtle style of stripes. And bonus, it is made from recycled, eco-friendly materials! 


Virgos hate irresponsibility, crowds, and noise. They're a bit conservative and could be described as homebodies. Stay at home with cozy silk pjs or organic cotton kimonos.


Speaking of organic, Virgos are Earth signs so they love animals and nature. Their representative body part is the digestive system so Virgos are one to "trust their gut." Give The Underargument’s beautiful bralette by the same name a try!


Does the season of the Virgin have you feeling organized, health-conscious, and highly observant?

Virgo is often considered the stickler of the zodiac, but this sign is also a healer and loves to be of service. In this regard they are sometimes known to have a bit of a secret sexy we wouldn't be surprised if they were into some cuffs or blindfolds despite their otherwise austere and practical presentation.


As an earth sign, Virgos are financially savvy and understand the value of quality. They also understand the importance of efficiency and tidiness, and are often advocates for environmentalism. Thrifting, recycling, and creatively reusing what is available is point of pride for the Virgo.


This is a sign that is extremely analytical with a sharp eye for the details. Design with subtle innovation and of extraordinary quality is the name of the game for these gals. 


Virgo rules the gut and digestion, and Virgo people tend to have a fixation with the torso so high-waisted styles and bodysuits can be quite comforting for them.


The archetype of the Hermit is the major arcana Tarot card that is associated with Virgo, which indicates that this sign also appreciates plenty of alone time to contemplate and recharge. Silky jammies make the perfect high-quality and cozy companion to all this (some may say OVER) thinking and analyzing...and may indeed help quiet that inner critic.


Whether you have Virgo in your chart, or you are looking for something to suit the season, here is our edit for this detail-oriented sign of the Virgin.

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