Taryn Winters

Taryn Winters is a New York based designer who pairs elaborate embroidery and embellishments with timeless silhouettes to ethereal effect. Sensuous and full of fantasy, Taryn Winters' designs masterfully conjure the feeling of creating a living painting using your body as the canvas. We feel as if we are the heroine of a masterpiece of 19th century French art when wearing these beautiful designs (think Manet's Olympia, Ingres' Odalisque or a Degas ballerina). The reverence for historical beauty and the female form shines through, and these thoroughly modern yet subtly adventurous designs are rooted in the sparkle of modern lady magic. Discover our selection below and stay tuned for more exciting work by this contemporary master.

A New York designer, born in the costume closet of her childhood ballet studios, Taryn Winters illuminates femininity and grace with her unique and elegant designs. The designer defines her classical training with delicate details and attention to beauty. With various mediums and materials, she understands the importance of organic movement and its relations to exquisite lines and what it means to design for a woman.

Taryn Winters specializes in lingerie. Graduating from the Fashion Institute of Technology, with a concentration in Intimate Apparel, she has training in foundation garments, couture sewing and techniques that make all her designs truly one of a kind. Her background in the performing arts continues to mold how she views designing and its visual effectiveness, exposing the parallels between two art forms that both define the same thing, beauty.
Taryn Winters Camille Lace Demi Bra in black pinstripe scalloped lace, front view, shown on model

Taryn Winters

Camille Lace Demi Bra


32B 32DD 34D 34DD 36B 36D 36DD
Taryn Winters Kelani Bralette in light pink and purple, front view, on model Only 1 left!
Sabine Thong On sale

Taryn Winters

Sabine Thong

$53.00 $88.00

Sabine Demi Bra On sale

Taryn Winters

Sabine Demi Bra

$106.00 $178.00

32B 32C 32D 32DD 34C 34D 36B 36C 36D
Carmela Demi Bra

Taryn Winters

Carmela Demi Bra


32C 32D 32DD 34B 34C 34DD 36B 36D
Taryn Winters Pilar Beaded and Embroidered Demi Bra

Taryn Winters

Pilar Bespoke Beaded Demi Bra


32C 32D 32DD 34B 34C 34D 34DD
Kelani Thong Only 1 left!
Kelani Demi Bra

Taryn Winters

Kelani Demi Bra


32B 32C 32D 34C 34D 36B 36C 36D
Model on stairs, with arm leaning on wall and hand lightly touching railing, wearing sheer tulle Thais Gown by Taryn Winters, in light blue with white and iridescent beaded appliqué on breasts. Only 1 left!
Flavia Gown Only 1 left!
Karmay High Neck Bodysuit On sale
Only 1 left!
Black On sale

Taryn Winters

Satine Garter Belt

$142.00 $236.00

Black On sale

Taryn Winters

Satine Demi Bra

$179.00 $298.00

32D 32DD 34B 34C