Mirror, mirror, on the wall...who's the fairest of them all? Well that's usually a Libra, both in appearance and temperament. 

Ruled by Venus (beauty) and symbolized by the Scales of Justice (balance), our Libra friends are both elegant and extra. For these ladies, finery is an everyday occurrence, because why shouldn't everyday be beautiful? Try an elaborately embroidered lingerie set by Studio Pia, or a silk kimono from Else. There is pleasure to be taken in routine, and Librans know how to make the most pleasing and captivating selections. 

Skilled diplomats, they seek harmony and justice and are generally quite charming and even-tempered. As an Air sign, Libra people are excellent communicators and as a Cardinal sign, the often have grand ideas for transforming the world into a more just and peaceful place. They love to champion a cause and although they can sometimes seem vain, they know the importance of buying quality over quantity.

Idealist Libra is all about leveling the scales of justice. They do not handle any form of maltreatment by people or governments well, and will always fight for what is fair. You’ll often find they make good lawyers. Give a chance to the proudly feminine laces by Else. The soft swirls will make you do a double take.

Like most air signs, Libras love a strong aesthetic and personal style. They stay ready with day to night outfits, loungewear that doubles as day wear, and lush fabrics. Sweatpants? A Libra would never. Try this luxurious “house suit” by Yolke to check all those Libra boxes. Pink, check. Pure Silk, check. Wild Print, check. Fabulous, check. Keeping strong with the 60’s housewife vibes? Pour yourself an afternoon scotch in the fabulously indulgent and erotic Petra set by Studio Pia.

Libras love to shop, therefore they can acquire a lot of stuff, which we know can get messy. A Libra closet is likely to have stuff on the floor, overflowing drawers, and too few hangers. Despite this chaos and disorder, Libras will consistently make attempts to beautify their surroundings. Beautify your overflowing lingerie drawer with a wild, bondage inspired set by Bordelle

Shop our selection for these beautiful souls at the season of balanced indulgence right here. 

The Underargument Adulting Isn't A Crime sheer ivory mesh longline underwired bra with black, sienna and mustard striped elastic trim. Side view, on model

The Underargument

Adulting Isn't A Crime Longline Bra


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Else Marble silk kimono robe in green, pink, and white geometric print, front view, on model


Marble Silk Kimono


Else Marble silk shorts in green, pink, and white print, shown with matching cami, front view on model


Marble Silk Shorts


Else Marble silk cami in green, pink, and white print, front view, on model


Marble Silk Cami


Else Hamptons Slip Dress in flax, clay, and white striped cotton, front view on model


Hamptons Slip Dress


Fraulein Kink shiny black patent leather Ricco pasties with brass rivet, detail view on plain white background Only 1 left!
Fraulein Kink Lavish pasties, detail view on plain white background Only 1 left!
Lily Forbes lilac cotton robe, on model, front view

Lily Forbes

Lilac Cotton Robe


Studio Pia Naga strap thong, harness suspender brief and longline bra, back view on model

Studio Pia

Naga Strap Thong


Studio Pia Naga snake embroidered sheer bikini brief, back view, on model also wearing matching bra Only 1 left!
Studio Pia Naga sheer snake embroidered longline bra, harness suspender, and strap thong, side/front view on model

Studio Pia

Naga Longline Bra


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Studio Pia Flora Bodysuit in wildflower embroidery and white silk trim, front/side view on model

Studio Pia

Flora Bodysuit


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