Proudly Welcoming: Rosebud Woman

We are SO excited to introduce you to Rosebud Woman and their beautiful line of intimate wellness products!

Rosebud Woman™ delivers vital support from menarche to menopause and beyond. They offer solutions for arousal, moisture, calming, freshness and resilience, and cultivate comfort and pleasure through all of the cycles in a woman’s life.

Every aspect of their product line is carefully considered to help women reclaim their vitality and alchemize joy. Their pure, plant-based formulations are effective, cruelty-free, sustainably made, hormone-free and toxin-free. Their aesthetics, designs, and sensory experiences amplify the beauty in daily life and prioritize the value of our sensations and emotions. Perfect health and pleasure are available at every age.

OBGYNS and women’s wellness professionals across the nation recommend our products, and women themselves, from all 50 US states and many countries rave about the impact they have on their daily self-care routines, and self-love rituals.

More about the brand:
Rosebud Woman™ is a female founded, family-run company that creates intimate self and body care for women. The founder, Christine, started Rosebud Woman™ in response to women’s unaddressed needs and to encourage women to love and care for their whole selves. Christine had noticed that intimate wellness products were primarily designed for use with a sexual partner, or medicalized to treat a diagnosed issue. She could not find clean and effective products to provide comfort, relief and pleasure for all women — whether it be period pain or perimenopause symptom relief.
In 2017, after extensive years of research into women’s intimate care needs and in collaboration with top experts, Rosebud Woman™ was born. With it came an entirely new category: intimate self-care. The line also encourages a new practice for women: to appreciate, honor and inhabit their entire body on a daily basis.

Women’s wellness is interdisciplinary, and needs to integrate body, mind and spirit. For the body, Rosebud Woman™’s advisors are physicians and wellness professionals, who specialize in the highly specific needs, concerns and desires of female skin. For the mind, they call on sociologists, to help unwind women’s attitudes towards their bodies, which are deeply informed by cultural programming. They collaborate with healers to explore the ways in which women can reclaim and celebrate their bodies and sexuality emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. Together, their commitment to helping women love their whole selves more has led them to create the best in intimate self-care.

Rosebud Woman™ is more than a product line. They see their collection as driving greater reverence for being a woman. They provide inspiration and information across platforms to help their customers love their bodies more, so that each of us can stand in greater peace and power in the world.
Through these products, literature and community, they are committed to changing the conversation surrounding women’s sexuality to one of self love, knowledge and joy. Their collection is designed to shift women’s habits into everyday ritual as a portal to more joy and freedom.


More about the founder:
Christine Marie Mason is a founder, CEO and unifier, bringing together bright, passionate, curious minds for creative collaboration and social good. A champion of women’s wellness, Christine is the Founder of Rosebud Woman™, an intimate body care line that addresses the unmet needs of women and invites new conversations about self-care, self-love and power.
After a career in global consulting, Christine founded and grew multiple companies in B2B software. She served as a futurist and innovation advisor for global companies, such as Estée Lauder and Panasonic, and an advisor, investor and mentor to many technology startups.

Concurrently, in 2000, she began a 20 year journey into studying and teaching yoga, tantra, collective trauma healing, plant medicine and intentional living. Christine curated and led 12 TEDxSanFrancisco events, and continues to hold gatherings around the world. These threads (founding mission-driven organizations, living 
as a healer and agent of joy, and bringing people together for systemic change) are woven together in her current work with Rosebud Woman™ and at her retreat center and intentional community, New Earth at Sundari Gardens.

Christine also writes prolifically on her studies and experiences, and is the author of The Invitation: Daily Intimate Self Care, The Nine Gifts: A First Aid Kit For Mind, Body and Spirit, Bending The Bow: How Great Freedom Movements Start and Grow and Indivisible: Coming Home to True Connection, among other books and courses. She hosts the rose woman, a podcast on living a more liberated life.

Christine received her Bachelors of Art from Northwestern University and her MBA from the JL Kellogg School at Northwestern, and is a PhD candidate in Philosophy and Consciousness at CIIS. She is a mother of four adult children and a grandmother.

“Sex” is only a tiny slice of living in a body — maybe once or twice a week, or if you’re lucky everyday.
For many people, it’s even less frequently. But we women live with our intimate parts 24/7/365 for 81 years on average. It’s not like this part of the body vanishes when we’re not engaged in sex. Women have many more needs throughout their life cycle than solely sexual support. This is why we call the category intimate wellness, not sexual wellness.”
– Christine Marie Mason, Founder, Rosebud Woman™

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