Working With Big Lightning Energy: The Astrology of Getting Grounded

By CV Henriette of ART of the ZODIAC

Out of the tracks and into the races. In case you thought 2020 was a big year, take note: 2021 is a mind reader, and they're competitive. JK. The planets don't actually care what we think! Especially not this year. And it's going to be a big one. Just in a different way.

In an attempt to save you the astro babble and simplify a complicated situation, the difference between 2020 and 2021 can be summarized as a shift in players: Pluto has passed the baton to Uranus.

Sure, Pluto wasn't the only planet to influence the heavens last year, but if we had to attribute that 'everything is heavy and chaotic' vibe to one celestial body, it would for sure be the Lord of Riches himself. Coming up HOT from the underground, he brought up all our unseen drama. And everything we valued—how we work, educate, couple, ETC—was suddenly up for review.

There went the thunder. Now comes the lightning.

Courtesy of Uranus, the planet of "expect the unexpected." If Pluto has us thinking about where we've been, Uranus is all about where we're going. The quick zap of energy to send us out on Aquarian seas. Which is about as exhilarating and exhausting as it sounds.

But fear not! Because fear, Friends, is unproductive. Instead, get grounded with your elemental superpower! What's your sun sign? Rising? Moon? Read for all three and see what resonates. Working with a partner? Play the Venn diagram game of 'Where do our elements meet?' Example: fire + water = see you in the sauna!


Make it HOT. And then make it HOTTER. Burn off that anxiety in the heart of the fire. When's the last time you've been to the sauna? Made a fire pit outdoors? Or had an old-fashioned make out session in front of the fireplace? Don't have a fireplace? Try warming your hands around a fondue pot. Or perhaps a candlelit dinner is just the thing to take the edge off. If you're going solo, make sure to add extra candles. You deserve them.

Whatever you do make sure to wear something appropriate for all that HEAT.


If you can get to a body of water—the sea, an ocean, a lake—go there right away. If you can't draw up a bath, fill it with crystals and sea salts and imagine the waves undulating beneath you. Wait for the rain, hop in your car, and listen to the droplets melodically drip, drop against the roof. Do you have a partner? Try making out in an automated car wash and pretending you're in the middle of a hurricane. For a solo endeavor, float tanks are divine! The quiet dark and a thousand pounds of Epsom salts will make your soul and skin feel reborn.

When drying off, remember to pat dry and finish with a light oil, before slipping into something comfortable.

Kent Woman peach silk Splash romper, on model, side view


Feel the Earth between your fingertips and sink into relaxation. A carrot, some broccoli, sweet potatoes for a bit of sugar...never take for granted the therapeutic power of cooking. The kind of real get to know your ingredients, multi-sensory, experience that has you getting intimate with the elements. Go heavy on the spices and inhale deeply. Invest in some houseplants. Make your living space a garden and have a picnic indoors. Make love on the floor. Coupled or solo—it's the modern era, Darling!

Heighten the experience by wearing jewelry with your favorite gemstones, fabrics made of richly sensual organic materials—silks and cotton lace...


Is your mind racing? Do you feel like you're going to float away? Sing yourself back to center. Or shout your way home (if you want to get Yoko Ono about it). When's the last time you felt your lungs at full capacity? Or brought out your record player to dance around in your favorite lingerie? Yes, yes, a Spotify playlist will suffice. Once you've worked up a great excitement, open all your windows and let the fresh air RUSH IN! Then take a deep dive into freshly cleaned blankets for a round of cuddles with your favorite companion(s)—yes, vibrating toys and animals count.

Other calming activities include falling asleep to binaural beats, mantra meditation and sauna time with your fire friends.