Why We Love It: La Fille d'O

In 2003, immaculate conception brought the people of Belgium La Fille d’O. Mother of the brand, Murielle Victorine Scherre felt that women needed something new to worship, her role models were not being represented in fashion or on social media. The process of making La Fille d’O garments is a holy one. Items are made to order to reduce overstock, techniques using minimal water & ink are executed, only two collections are made each year, making each La Fille d’O item the holy grail of lingerie. Murielle’s designs have gained her and her brand a cult like following, and in return her devout followers are provided with repair service so their favorite undies can have an eternal life. Morals are also very important to La Fille d’O, La Fille d’O keeps design, production and resources close, eliminating unfair trade & unnecessary transport costs. Unorthodox designs and divine craftsmanship of La Fille d’O has us praising the heavens.

Murielle describes her process and values:

It is important to me that we keep design, production and consumption closely intertwined because a local production means a lived and thus loved production. It is well rooted in the community and i like it like that. Offshore productions can be up to 50 (!) times cheaper but the logistic and environmental cost is very high. At the moment it is impossible for a fair brand to compete with offshore productions because we are playing the same game but with a different set of rules. So yes, we are more expensive. but not only do we create jobs here, we also keep craftsmanship alive, before it is threatened to cave in under the growing pressure of fast and cheap product cravings. a local production can definitely turn the tide. Slowly but surely.

A product has two expiry dates, they say. When it falls apart, or when you don't want it anymore.Ii try to make our products so good and our story so inspiring you will want to wear our product, even when it has began to fall apart. Then we will repair it for you, so you get to wear it some more.

I don’t do trends. It means you will grow tired of our product way too soon. the only meta-trend that keeps inspiring me is my deep love for the human body, and how I get to support it as good as I can.