What to Expect from a Boudoir Photoshoot

We recently had the pleasure of collaborating with Katie Vonasek from Butterfly Boudoir, and are excited to share the beautiful results with you. We met Katie through Instagram (as so many of the best collabs are formed!) and hit it off instantly as our values and aesthetics are aligned. We love Katie's feminist, empowered approach to boudoir and the sophisticated, artful style in which she shoots. As you scroll through this blog post you'll see a few shots from our session with our stunning model.  It was such a treat to shoot with Katie in her Romeo studio and below you'll find the extra special treat of her expert tips about how to make the most of your intimate photoshoot experience! Here is a conversation between Carlie from Supernatural and Katie about choosing the right lingerie, how to prepare, and why you deserve to treat yourself -- regardless of age or relationship status. 

Butterfly Boudoir Photoshoot in black silk and lace Nocturnal Chemise

Carlie: Tell us how you got started doing boudoir photography and what makes you passionate about this particular niche.

Katie: I started shooting boudoir in 2017 after I had my own boudoir photoshoot. It was such great and empowering experience for me, I just had to start doing it for others! I was photographing weddings full-time and knew my brides would love the experience as much as I did. Boudoir is the perfect reminder for women that we are beautiful, important, sexy, and powerful. I want my clients to know that it's okay to be showy and sexy in a world that is so full of criticism and judgment.

Photo by Butterfly Boudoir 

C: Give us an idea of who gets boudoir photos. We get lots of different types of women in the shop buying lingerie for shoots so we’d love to hear from you about who is inspired to celebrate themselves in this beautiful way!

K: Everyone! Similar to your lingerie shop, boudoir attracts a diverse range of ladies and its amazing. I see a lot of women in their late 40s/early 50s who are celebrating their birthday, brides who are getting married and want a sexy gift for their future spouse, single women who recently went through a break-up or divorce, pregnant mothers, women who just gave birth, etc. The list goes on!

 Photo by Butterfly Boudoir

C: What can people expect from a boudoir shoot? Walk us through the experience a bit.

K: You can expect a fun, laid-back, and luxurious experience! When you arrive, you will immediately begin hair and makeup. Once your glam is done, you will get changed into your first outfit and we will begin shooting. I typically have clients wear 2-3 outfits and photograph each outfit for 20-25 minutes. I will pose you from head to toe, so you’re NEVER on your own to pose! About 2-4 weeks after your photoshoot, you will be invited to come back to the studio for your photo reveal! We will have drinks & treats while you select what photos and products you want to order. We will be working together to choose your absolute best from all the images and choose the perfect products to showcase your boudoir portraits.


C: How do you recommend that your clients prepare? I imagine some may be a bit nervous, and not as familiar with being in front of a camera.

K: I have two major prep tips: 1- Drink water and eat breakfast before your shoot. 2- Try on ALL the pieces of your lingerie outfits before you arrive and be sure they fit properly. As for the nerves, I serve mimosas during hair/makeup and it helps ease the stress! Almost everyone is nervous before their shoot and that is totally normal. I will tell you exactly what to do!

Photo by Butterfly Boudoir 

C: What advice do you give your clients on what to wear for their boudoir session? We would suspect that this has a big impact on confidence during the shoot!

K: Outfit choice has a huge impact on the outcome of the photos. The most important factor is fit - If your outfit is too big or too small, it isn’t going to look right and you won’t like your photos. A huge benefit of shopping at Supernatural Lingerie is that there are employees who can help find the right size and fit for your body. I love when clients bring bodysuits, bra & panty sets, teddies, garter belts, fishnets, or anything lacy. I recommending staying away from highlighter/neon colored items because they tend to photograph cheaply.

 Photo by Butterfly Boudoir

C: What questions should clients ask of the photographer before their session?

K: I would let the photographer know what areas of your body are your favorite!


Photographer Kate Vonasek