Welcome to Aries Season: The Time to Go Go GO!

 Written by CV Henriette of ART of the ZODIAC

Each year the world begins again at zero degrees Aries, and the Spring Equinox. Here, for a brief moment, the inhabitants of Spaceship Earth experience equal day and night before, in the Northern Hemisphere, tipping into longer days. This is the official arrival of Spring—and, for much of human history, the beginning of the New Year.

Welcome to Aries Season. Signified by the constellation of the Ram, personified by the Greek Gods of War, Ares and Athena, and ruled by the fiery red planet, Mars, this is a time of action, renewal, and, yes, destruction.

Birth isn't pretty.

It's the chaotic battle cry of a newborn pushing head first into the world and the first sprouts of the year, breaking soil, at the risk of winter's late frost. It's a bit of all the stereotypes: selfish, angry, and impulsive and the incredible amount of energy, willpower, and stamina required to individuate from the whole. Aries is the home of Mars—and the exaltation of the Sun.

It's the spark of life. The animating force that gives form to the formless, breathes life into the lifeless. It's the alarm clock of birdsong returning to windowsills. The dust shaken off hibernating creatures and the shaking of rugs and pillows outback and outside windows.

it's the singular rush of NEW, NEW, NEW. Exhilarating. Dizzying. Inescapable.

Somewhere in each of our charts is the sign of Aries and a new beginning—however dynamic, restricted or chaotic. Each astrological chart is a complicated conversation. Read for your Rising Sign below. If you don't know your Rising Sign, read for your Sun Sign. And, if you're in a mood, read all 12 and see which sticks.

How are you, Most Passionate One? Does Spring come on like a jolt of adrenaline? Find a way to work with that energy before it works on you. Communication and confidence are your themes this month, so use your voice. According to Michael Patrick Peters of Dance Meditation Technique, movement + sound = increased pleasure. If the hot and heavy is your way to blow off steam, consider this motivation to MOAN ON. 


Things are heating up for you, Taurus, which can be a bit much for a Sign that enjoys temperate weather. Metaphorically speaking. What’s good for us, however, is not always pleasurable.  Yours is a sign that could most benefit from a deep spring cleaning and maybe a look into your finances. Get your house in order now, so you can indulge in all the early delights next month. 


Hive mind is the theme this month. Who’s keeping your attention? Who’s Notifications got you anxious? This is the time to revisit your group obligations, and make like the ‘leave quietly’ button on Clubhouse and ditch those distractions. The key word here being ‘quietly.’ With Mars running amok through your sign, there’s the very real chance you’ll ruffle some feathers if you’re not cautious. 

Remember: think first. Then breathe. Then breathe again. Then think again. Then maybe act. 



If you ever want to annoy an Astrologer, draw a lobster and call it a crab. No, they are absolutely not the same! But you do you. Whatever variety of crustacean you fancy yourself, plan to peak out of that shell of yours because this month is all about career! Or, more, accurately how you’re seen in the world. Tomato. Tomahto. Anyway, mind your words because that whole Mars Mercury situation might tempt you to say something that’ll send you sulking to your shell later.



If ten years of pandemic hasn’t turned your travel bug into a fierce study habit, I’m sorry. Maybe this is a good time to invest in a globe or take a geography course or pick up a new language? While we’re on the topic, have you ever wondered what’s so French about tongue kissing? The upside to all this tragedy is we’re one season away from summer and vaccine passports look like a thing, so get to work! Studying or kissing or whatever. 



People forget that the nature of the Full Moon is an opposition. If the sky were a boardroom, Sun and Moon would be across the conference table hashing it out. Sure, this is a time of abundance, but abundance can be a lot. Like it can drive you crazy, Lunatic. This Fat Moon’s happening in your house, and it’s a potent one, courtesy of Venus and Chiron. Be good to yourself and take careful notes: what comes into the spotlight now may return in a month, a year or even four years.



As the sign whose job is to prepare us for winter, now is kind of your go time. What we plant now is what we harvest later. Which reminds me something my friend, Jill Schumacher, says: “Have your current self be smarter than your future self.” Fact: if your past self bought Bitcoin in 2010, it’s possible that your current and future self would be a crypto-billionaire! With Sun and Venus having a fated meeting in your house of collective finances, this could be a good time to make some investment moves. Although maybe not because Mercury’s jaunt through Pisces may have you all sorts of confused. 


Maybe not all Scorpios have a goth streak, but this is an ideal month to find yours or invent one. While the rest of the world is springing to action under endless blue skies, take this opportunity to retreat into your dungeon to cultivate your craft and get your daily routines and rituals in order. Your month’s mantra is preparation, recalibration and cleaning out the cobwebs. Sleep all day. Work all night. Whatever rhythm you choose, now is the time to find one.  


This month’s Solar-Venus boost is kicking you in the fun part of the chart! Literally the house of Joy. Making this a good time to jumpstart all sorts of creative endeavors—making art, making adventure, making babies. Maybe not actually making babies, but the kind of fun that could make babies. You feel me? While the spring air may have you ready to pounce into action, show much restraint. As our friends in Miami have shown, too much fun can lead to a bad case of the COVID. 



Technically Spring and its cleaning belong to Aries, but let’s be real, no one dominates chores like you. Sure, sure, you may not be down on your knees scrubbing the toilet with a toothbrush like Virgo, but someone’s doing the job. Home isn’t your theme this month, it’s your mission. Have you called the gardener? Who’s cleaning the gutters? Put your family to work sweeping, mopping and vacuuming. Once the day is done, put on your party thong, and let the fun commence!



We’re only a quarter into the calendar year, and what an adventure! Your theme this month is integration. As the Sun moves farther from your home, it carries with it the lessons of your Solar Return. Now is an ideal time to process these lessons by picking  up a daily writing habit, if you don’t have one already.  I like Morning Pages because they force me to self dialogue without fear of failure—you tear them up at the end! Big thoughts are useless if they never leave your head. 


Hop out of the dream and into reality! No one’s accusing you of being the most practical sign of the Zodiac, but even you can’t deny the responsibilities of feeding and sheltering yourself, ETC. I mean you can, but the results might not be ideal. To quote our Pisces Sun friend, Tony Robbins, “Energy flows where attention goes.” Use this month to explore the connection between your values and spending habits—both energetic and financial. Do your actions support your goals?