Sunday November 18: The Nomadic Madam's Harem Calendar Launch

We are proud to be sponsoring the launch of The Nomadic Madam's 2019 Harem Calendar at the Willis Show Bar on Sunday, November 18!

Live performance by Willa Rae & Band - 8pm

Tunes spun by The Dapper DJ

Raffle of "backstage" painting by Tony Roko at 9:30 pm

Delicacies by Pietrzyk Pierogi

Co-hosted by Tony Roko & Aarons Estate Sales

$10 Cover / $8 Presale

Dress to Impress / 21+
Reservations Recommended / Walk-ins Welcome
Free Street Parking / Willis Does Not Serve Dinner

Interview with Miles (The Nomadic Madam) recently featured in Metrotimes!

About the calendar:

Nomadic Madam's 2019 Harem Calendar 

Focused on the phases of the Moon 

This is a nude calendar of women, for women. And while men, I do invite you to enjoy it's contents, know, you were the furthest thing from my mind while cultivating and curating every aspect of this project. 

Why a fully topless calendar centered around the phases of the moon? 

Because I wanted to create a safe space for women (all identifying women) to feel confident in themselves and their bodies. 

Because this world is a crazy sometimes unfair place for women to live day to day. Without going into feminist theory or "patriarch bashing" (because we all have our own opinions and I don't want to turn this into a soapbox), we could all use a little boost from each other.

Because I wanted to create something raw and beautiful women would want to hang on their walls and feel closer to the collective of women. Closer to the tribe of the feminine that rests all around them. And with a calendar hanging on their walls maybe they will see the cyclical nature of time, not the linear straight line the length and direction of a traditional calendar would suggest. 

Because we need to stay tuned-in to the rhythms of time and the rhythms that naturally occur inside of us. 

--Miles Marie