Swedish Stockings Recycling Club

We are proud to be joining the Swedish Stockings Recycling Club!
Swedish Stockings wants to clean up the hosiery industry and provide a better alternative to the way we create and dispose of modern pantyhose. To encourage you to bring in your old tights instead of tossing them in the garbage, we're pleased to offer a 10% discount* on your next order when you bring in 2 or more pairs of old tights for recycling. Any brand/style accepted!

Ultimately, Swedish Stockings wants to close the loop and eventually be able to recycle old hosiery into new. In order to make that possible, they need to be able to separate the fibers - the polyamide from the elastane, and unfortunately that technology is not yet commercially available.

Swedish Stockings process of turning old tights into fiberglass tanks. Three images show a pile of old stockings, ground up fiber material, and a close up of completed molded tanks

In the mean time, they currently collect and grind down old pantyhose to be used as filler material in fiberglass tanks. These tanks are used in the commercial industry to separate grease from water, such as at gas stations, restaurants, etc. They are extremely hardwearing, lasting decades, and now contain your old pantyhose! Glamorous? No. Sustainable? Yes! As long as old stockings don't end up in a landfill, we are committed to contributing to Swedish Stockings' efforts to clean up the whole industry.

Read more about Swedish Stockings other sustainability efforts here!

*applies to full priced items only & cannot be combined with other discounts. This is an in-store promotion only.