Proudly Welcoming: Tisja Damen!

Tisja Damen, designer of lingerie and storyteller

"With a strong passion for the craft of refined luxury lingerie, the female bodies as my muses, finding endless inspiration in the elements of nature, and an addiction of telling stories, I create..."

We are so thrilled to welcome creatrix Tisja Damen and her beautiful, luxurious designs into our shop!

Tisja's warm, welcomingly, disarming, and instantly intimate personality shine through her designs. Relaxed, free, but expressive and sensual are some of our favorite descriptors of these styles. Tisja says she "wants to evoke a feeling within the woman wearing it: feelings of an innate kind of beauty and a free sense of sensuality. True comfort will always reveal true beauty." We couldn't agree more! Luxurious lingerie can be sexy and decadent and comfortable and unfussy all at once. 

Based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Tisja Damen's designer collections are created by hand with refined details and inspired by nature and stories.  

Their luxurious materials are thoughtfully selected from different places in Europe, known for their laces; Chantilly lace from France, Leavers lace from Italy and Swiss embroidery of sheer tulle.

These are combined with silk straps and golden trims from France. 

With these materials, Tisja Damen and her team have created designs of sensual structure, aesthetic pleasure, and a storytelling touch. 

The elegant and timeless designs make them easy to pair with your current and future lingerie collection. The unique silhouettes make each piece fun easy to layer with your clothing or lingerie wardrobe. 

Designed on the body, the luxurious designs always account for sensuous form and soft support.  The simple S-M-L sizing and adjustability of each item allows for a personalized and custom fit. 

Each classic collection is iterated and added to over time, ensuring maximum value and items for each collection can be combined with and among one another. Not being influenced by seasonal trends, you can be sure these timeless designs will be cherished for years to come.

Each piece is a metaphor for another chapter...

“Nature is a key element in all my lingerie creations and is shown in the materials, concepts, and aesthetic silhouettes on the female body.”

Ethical and environmental values have a strong presence in Tisja Damen's brand, from administrative considerations like banking, to the recycled materials used in the garments themselves, to the made-to-order production process which limits waste.  

What's more, the luxurious designs are made to last thanks to high quality materials and craftsmanship.  

"That’s why we say:

Created with love and treated by heart…

Stay delicately to keep telling stories endlessly."

The design process, the development of patterns and sampling are done in Tisja's atelier in Amsterdam to develop a distinction in the design, quality, and fit. With this, they avoid extra transport or unnecessary development cost and time. Please read below for their entire statement on sustainability and ethics:

Even the smallest waste inspires us to create…

Remaining little pieces of materials are a treasure box for Tisja, creating an opportunity to be creative as a designer and to look at it in a different way.

Some of her pieces feature a patchwork element, combining the materials in different ways to ensure all of the materials are used. This is why they also combine the materials in different styles so even the smallest pieces are not a waste, but a piece that inspired her to create.

Supply chain

We test our companies and maintain a personal connection with them.

They share our values in quality and make sure our supply chain has the positive value of ethical and environmental. 

All companies are located in Europe.

In our collections, we use high-quality materials from only a couple of companies known for their high and luxurious quality.

Our unique and beautiful collection of Chantilly and Leavers lace comes from France and Italy, where it is made with the authentic lace machines.

Our silk comes from the United Kingdom, and silk straps and golden trims from France.

All of our prints are created together with friend Katarina Stupavska and developed on silk and cotton in The Netherlands.

We know all of these companies well, and how they work to ensure they share our values during our process.


Our pieces are made in our own atelier located in Amsterdam and larger quantities are made in an atelier in the North of Romania. The reason why we choose to work with this company is because they are known for their high quality, it is registered as a safe workspace and it is close to The Netherlands which means shorter transport and we can visit easily. This company is loved and known as a specialist and supplier of highly-qualified services in the field of lingerie, corsetry, swimsuits and light garments. The company was founded in 1996, operating on 7000 sqm and having 200 employees. It is present on the BSCI platform (Business Social Compliance Initiative) that analysis social issues related to product and work quality and safety. This production atelier has always been one of the top 3 companies, in this area, in the past 10 years.

Less and shorter transport

We work with companies close by to make sure we avoid unnecessary transport distances.

Our transports are scheduled to make sure we sent as many goods together.

Statement on sustainability

We won’t state we are completely sustainable, but we think about our environment every step of the way in our business and personal lives. We do this by recycling, using our good materials to the fullest and knowing where they come from.

We are working on the evolvement of our company to increase the positive impact on our planet. To do more.

We believe this will enrich us and you… With it our signature, our quality, and our stories.

We are working on all of the packagings to guarantee a luxurious touch, keeping in the spirit of the brand, whilst maintaining our values through the use of recycled materials and plastic free.


Think of the incomparable beauty of a woman… dancing. Her movements reside passion, controlled by intense concentration, flowing through her body without being aware of her surroundings.

One is extremely concentrated and thinking of one thing only.

One is not busy posing or trying to look good; one is busy challenging its body to move to its maximum.

She shows her body’s splendour and flaws in one and the same move.

In that second, she’s as near as she is far away from perfection.

Right there and then, she is herself, unconditionally.

For Tisja Damen, a woman who dances and the bodily intensity that ensues is the most beautiful thing in the world.

One can feel the passion flowing through the dancer’s body while watching. She’s at her most sensual when a step shifts her clothing and exposes fragments of bare skin: the side of a breast, and the intensity in her arms, in her fingers or the strength of the shoulder blades.

When she disappears in the moment and reveals her body bit by bit.

Unaware of what happens she creates tremendous sensuality. It’s not about seduction; it’s about the focus in her mind and the intensity of her body while showing it.

Therein lies the true beauty of women. Showing her body without being aware of it.

That is the most beautiful thing a woman can do.

This is going to be our story...