Proudly Welcoming Studio Pia

We are excited to announce a new addition to the Supernatural family, Studio Pia!

 Studio Pia designer & founder, Pia Conaghan

Pia Conaghan, the founder has been working in luxury lingerie for close to ten years. Her designs reflect the world of fine art and couture, where her attention to rich colors, striking shapes and distinctive textures have met impeccable construction.


She has always had a fashionable approach to lingerie, graduating from London College of Fashion, and became the head designer at Bordelle, where her designs grabbed the attention of Madonna, Britney and Queen Bey. 


Not only has Pia had a steadfast approach to fashion and design, she has also been committed to ethical production and manufacturing. All of Studio Pia's silks are organically and ethically produced in Jharkhand, India - empowering disadvantaged local communities. A lifelong vegetarian, Pia recognizes the the damages the garment industry has on animals, and has created a line that uses 100% cruelty free, organic peace silk. 


Traditional silk manufacturing methods involve boiling the cocoons while the silkworm is still inside. Some 6,600 silkworms are killed to make just 1 kilogram of silk. In contrast, peace silk is made by carefully piercing the cocoon to allow the silk worm to emerge unharmed, before the silk is reeled off and spun using solar powered machinery. The silk worms are cultivated organically without using any kind of pesticide, fungicide or genetic spray, and are allowed to complete their natural life cycle. 

Studio Pia has also been dedicated to her supply chain, but it has never sacrificed her style.  Her bespoke embroiderers are some of the best in Europe. Her clasps, rings and sliders are all 24K plated, and produced in France by suppliers who have a long and trustworthy history in the industry. The support fabrics are also from Europe, scouring the market for end of line stock whenever possible. 

All of her designs and ranges are developed in her London studio, and her production takes place in house, or in small batch ateliers in the UK or in Europe. Keeping manufacturing close to the studio allows Studio Pia to keep a watchful eye on the supply chain and the treatment of the garment workers. Even Pia's tags, packaging, marketing materials, tissue and mailers are made from partly or fully recycled materials.


Studio Pia has demonstrated to us all that good ethical ethos doesn't mean you have to skimp on luxury, style, or beauty. Her collection of investment pieces challenge current misconceptions about ethical fashion aesthetics and provide women with timeless, luxurious style they will be proud to show off. 


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