Proudly Welcoming Ruban noir!

Welcome to Supernatural, Ruban Noir!

Ruban Noir, founded in 2018, is a lingerie brand for the temperamental woman. The wearer of Ruban Noir has high expectations for her underpinnings and has broken the rules of what lingerie is.

Stéphanie, the designer, has specific rules about getting dressed. In place of delicate fabrics such as lace and silk, Stéphanie has chosen performance fabrics typically used for athleisure and swimwear. Stéphanie has also caste out underwires, and through patent pending technology provides shape and comfort. Her strong aesthetic evokes a perplexing mix of masculine vs. feminine, making the finished look shout “POWER.” 

The combination of the performance fabric and substantial shape allows women to wear their lingerie to lunch, to the pool, or pair it with a leather jacket for a formidable evening look. Shop our selection from this exciting new brand here: