Proudly Welcoming: Lonely

Lonely is New Zealand based design house that celebrates the individuality, freedom, and lifestyle of all women. 

Lonely's design ethos is all about inclusivity. From their marketing to their sizing, they rejoice women of all shapes, colors, ages, and sizes. Fostering a sense of positive body image and freedom of expression, they dismiss traditional marketing of lingerie, using the women who wear it for inspiration. Check out the Lonely Girls project for women captured wearing Lonely in their own unique way. 

Quotes about the Lonely Girls project: 

"I have Crohn's disease, I wanted to be a part of Lonely Girls for all the other women who've had abdominal surgeries or have an ostomy like I do - we all deserve to be proud of our bodies. Our scars are proof of our strength." - Kate

"I was interested in being a part of this project because women need to see each other and be seen as we are." - Erica

"It's no secret: we’ve grown up in a society where women are held to unrealistic beauty standards, where the female body has been long fetishized and policed. This is why I am so proud to be part of a generation of women intent on reclaiming their bodies & hijacking the male gaze." - Karley 


Lonely is also committed to a process that puts people and planet first. Check out their statement on this subject below:

People come first. We know all of our suppliers and makers by name, they are part of our Lonely family. We love to help create great places for them to work. We visit them regularly and they all follow and maintain our ethical standards and guidelines.

We are continually looking for ways to better our products, to support and uphold our partners who produce them, and minimize our impact on the earth. We see this as a constant work in progress and always strive to improve.

In 2017, we gained accreditation from Child Labour Free, an external organisation which works to detect risks of child labour and other labour infringements in various layers of the supply chain. As part of the accreditation process, full audits were completed at all our manufacturers by third party inspection teams. 

The CLF principles go beyond minimum legal requirements, ensuring fair and safe standards across areas including; child labour, working hours, wages and benefits, labour practises, health and safety, hygiene and waste management, and environmental impact.

For further information on our supply and manufacture standards and guidelines please view our: Lonely Vendor Code of Compliance.


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