Proudly Welcoming: Kent Woman

ZAP-BAM-POW The Kent Woman is a Superwoman!

Kent is committed to the radical and organic process of creating and designing lingerie for the modern superwoman. KENT philosophy and practices are dedicated to protecting mother nature, future females and of course, YOURSELF!  

Kent collections are made with integrity, certified organic silks, organic low impact dyes and with a transparent supply chain.  Made with the strongest of natural fibers, organic silk, KENT garments are hypo-allergenic & feature organic, comfortable cotton gussets for  fighting villains and the patriarchy. Designed and made in the magical city of Los Angeles, KENT creates opportunities for other Superwomen around the world through their Female Future Project. Joining forces with social enterprises and non profits to create impactful change  for damsels in distress, empowering them to become their own heros.