Lingerie for Different Body Types

Although we do not believe that you must be confined to any one style because of your body shape, there are nevertheless different types of bras and underwear and lingerie that have different effects on different body shapes and sizes so let's explore a few of those!

Breasts that are more full/round on top may have a hard time with balcony/balconette style bras as they tend to cause some spillage at the top. This is how they are designed -- to give that Marie Antoinette "shelf" look. But, those with a rounder breast shape might find it a bit too much and difficult to wear under say, a t-shirt, because that extra volume will show. It also may make the wearer feel slightly uncomfortable like they are about to fall out of the bra all day. By contrast ladies with breasts that have a more bell-like or sloping shape may find a balcony bra to give them just that extra bit of rounding shape that they are looking for without extra spillage from the top.

We would recommend a more full cup style bra or one with a high apex as these styles will keep everything smooth and comfortably in place if this is the feeling and look you are going for!

Ever wondered why bras have underwire? Most bras' support comes from the band and the straps, rather than underwire. It is a common misconception that underwire bras are more supportive than wireless bras. The underwire does indeed provide some support but is primarily there for a rounding shape, and to keep the breasts separated. Wireless styles also provide excellent lift and can keep you in place throughout the day thanks to seaming and fabrics! For those with fuller busts, note that wireless bras will most likely not give you much separation between the breasts, so if that is something you are looking for, best to stick with underwire styles. 

Padding also helps to provide shape and coverage but like underwire does little for "support." If you are looking to keep your nipples from showing through your blouse, or are smaller busted and want a more rounded, full looking shape, try something with a bit of padding. 

For bottoms, we love a seamless high waisted brief instead of shape wear. These structured panties give that nice smooth line to make you feel confident under tighter fitting clothes without unnecessary compression. If you're looking for a bit more definition in the bum, try a brief with ruching on the backside, or thong, or even an ouvert style brief.

Bodysuits can also be a great alternative to shape wear. Lightweight in the summer for smoothing or layering under sheer dresses, they can also be a great layer in winter for extra warmth.