Lingerie by the Zodiac: Scorpio 2019

Scorpio Season has arrived just in time for Halloween! Scorpios are known to be intense and passionate, dark and dangerous. They're ruled by our furthest and most mysterious planet, Pluto. Pluto symbolizes many ideas, fertility, renewal, and rebirth. This makes perfect sense because the body part associated with the sign of Scorpio is the reproductive organs. The Native American Ojibwa tribe associates the shedding of a snakes skin with rebirth and renewal, so although "Scorpio" calls to mind a scorpion, this sign is also associated with snakes. Sly and slithering Naga suits the season perfectly. 

Naga Lingerie Set by Studio Pia


These Machiavellians know how to be strategic and cunning. Nothing gets past these decisive stingers, and they will never settle for what they are destined for. Best suited to b surgeons, detectives, artists, and psychiatrists, Scorpios are very analytical and tactical. The sapphire blue Ivy set by Fortnight is sensual and calculated, just like Scorpio. The rich blue lends shadowy beauty to this supportive, game changing, fan favorite. 

Scorpios are often miscast as loners; after all, they are fiercely independent. They don't need you, they choose you. Despite this common characterization, Scorpios are extremely flirtatious and red hot lovers. The Bondage Belle set hits the scorpio aesthetic on the head: red, kind of devious, and almost exoskeleton-like in design.

Bondage Belle Lingerie Set in Burnt Red by Bordelle


Scorpio often find themselves flirting with the occult, the hidden, and the secret. They're sometimes described as having a "cult leader" type personality because they are so enigmatic that they can easily attract others who need direction. Speaking of cult favorites, La Fille d'O has turned us into devoted followers with their best selling and utterly original Fast Girls and Quite Like bras. 

Fast Girls Monowire Bra by La Fille d'O in Cream and Black

Quite Like Monowire High Neck Bra by La Fille d'O 

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