Lingerie by the Zodiac: Sagittarius 2019

Are you feeling the call of adventure and exploration? 

This is a sign all about travel, so take a page out of their practical and always stylish book and pack a silk pajama set on your next weekend adventure. Versatile and beautiful, not to mention temperature regulating, silk will keep you cozy whether you're on a tropical or Siberian retreat. 

Prowling Leopard Silk Pajamas and Robe from Yolke 

Need some easy undies on your globetrotting this season? Don't forget Marieyat's androgynous styles which are at once comfortable, chic, and unexpected, just like Sag. 


Sag gals love a new experience, especially one involving luxurious indulgence of the senses.

Get out of your comfort zone a bit and allow yourself to expand your definition of lingerie. We love La Fille d'O's attitude of lingerie being about sexuality on your own terms -- making it about personal pleasure regardless of another's gaze. We think passionate Sag ladies would be all about this ethos.

La Fille d'O black mesh One Dance long sleeve bodysuit

Sagittarius is a fire sign, representing great passion, openness, and generosity. 

In this season of giving and shopping, remember to exercise your power as a conscious consumer. Shop small, especially with brands and retailers who emphasize environmentalism and fair trade/ethical labor practices. Respect for each other and our shared home is important, now and always!