Lingerie by the Zodiac: Sagittarius

Are you feeling the call of adventure and exploration? 

Sag gals live to travel, so take a page out of their practical and always stylish book and pack a Great Eros set on your next weekend adventure. Versatile and beautiful, these staples stay comfy and gorgeous through plane, train and car trips to keep you feeling fresh and ready to get on to the next spontaneous adventure. 

Sag gals love a new experience, especially one involving luxurious indulgence of the senses.

Get out of your comfort zone a bit and allow yourself to expand your definition of lingerie. Wanting to try a wireless bra but worried it's not supportive? We've got a few that are sure to change your mind. Want to try the pajamas-as-eveningwear trend? We've got the perfect sets to take you from party to bed with ease. 

Sharp observers, Sagittarians invite us to soak up as much knowledge as possible. 

In this season of giving and shopping, remember to exercise your power as a conscious consumer. Shop small, especially with brands and retailers who emphasize environmentalism and fair trade/ethical labor practices. Respect for each other and our shared home is important, now and always!


Products pictured: The Great Eros Fresco Set, La Fille d'O Electric Bralette and Like Us Brief, The Great Eros Canova Mesh Bralette and Fishnets, Rossell England Crescent Bra and Wrap Pant