Lingerie by the Zodiac: Pisces

Does the season of the Fish have you feeling romantic, artistic, and maybe even somewhat reclusive?

Pisces are the dreamers of the zodiac

Though sometimes considered a bit flaky, the Pisces devotion to R & R and empathy is unparalleled. They feel all the feels of every sign combined, since they fall at the end of the zodiac calendar. They are charming and magnetic and when you manage to hook them, they are attentive and devoted. Beautiful, well designed lounge is a must for any Piscean gal. Try a Riley slip dress or rich oceanic navy silk pajamas to get in touch with this sign's deeply emotional and enigmatic persona. The Pisces' effortless style and eye for design makes transitional, chic lounge-to-daywear a must.

Oceanic themes of the fish are associated with mystery and moonlight

Dive deep into your internal depths. If you choose indulge this self reflection, what better piece to select than the Lou Bra embroidered with shimmery lavender taupe threads and trimmed with matching silk satin.
Smooth as tranquil waters, this bra will put you in touch with this sign's dreamy and magical qualities.Or explore more shadowy undersea motifs in the Lattice collection's net-like lace.

Pisceans also have a *thing* for feet...

Not necessarily in a fetishist way, but this is the body part that their sign is associated with and they often have a preoccupation with foot health and wellbeing. So treat your toes with some care and get yourself some super cute socks to wear with your sandals --the perfect accessory as this new year begins to transition from winter to spring!