Lingerie by the Zodiac: Libra 2019

Feeling romantic? That’s because it’s Libra season and Libras are ruled by Venus, the planet of love! It’s basically Valentine's Day 2.0!  They’re the true romantics of the zodiac, feeling comfort when with a partner. They hate having to do things alone. Feel the love with the Hot Rabbit set by Only Hearts or The Lovers pajama set by Yolke. 

Idealist Libra is all about leveling the scales of justice. They do not handle any form of maltreatment by people or governments well, and will always fight for what is fair. You’ll often find they make good lawyers. Give a chance to the proudly feminine Moa Set by Bordelle. The soft swirls will make you do a double take.

Libras love harmony, and peace. You can have it all, extravagant glam and good ethics with the Soraya, which is made from peace silk and embroidered tulle. 

Like most air signs, Libras love a strong aesthetic and personal style. They stay ready with day to night outfits, loungewear that doubles as day wear, and lush fabrics. Sweatpants? A Libra would never. Try this luxurious “house suit” by Yolke to check all those Libra boxes. Pink, check. Pure Silk, check. Wild Print, check. Fabulous, check. Keeping strong with the 60’s housewife vibes? Pour yourself an afternoon scotch in the loungey Amie set by Dora Larsen.

Libras love to shop, therefore they can acquire a lot of stuff, which we know can get messy. A Libra closet is likely to have stuff on the floor, overflowing drawers, and too few hangers. Despite this chaos and disorder, Libras will consistently make attempts to beautify their surroundings. Beautify your overflowing lingerie drawer with the wild Bondage Belle set by Bordelle

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