Lingerie by the Zodiac: Leo 2019

Hey Queens! It’s Leo season and were are roaring with excitement for our new arrivals! 

Leos are confident creatures, as they are ruled by the Sun. They aren’t afraid of pulling off a grandiose look, but sometimes they just like to cuddle up for a belly rub so why not indulge in some warm colors and delicious textures like those found in the Lizzie set from Adina Reay? 

Fire being their ruling element, these big cats are not afraid to fan the flames, they’re passionate, energetic, and shine when they’re showing off their creative skills. This royal purple set by Opaak gets inventive with square neck and long sleeves. These playful cubs stay on the hunt for fun, treating themselves to holidays and trips to the theater. Leos love a dramatic pattern but can sometimes be a bit lazy, so stay on theme with the Prowling Leopards. 

Like true queens of the jungle, Leos are self assured and natural born leaders. They have hearts of gold and are often protective of their loved ones. The heart is the body part associated with Leo, and this Champagne playsuit by Fraulein Kink perfectly checks all of Leo's boxes, armor for their brave hearts, and adorned in Swarovski for their love of opulence. Adorn your mane proudly with the matching cat mask. 



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