Lingerie by the Zodiac: Capricorn

Capricorns are ruled by Saturn

This means they are very ambitious, hard working, and usually quite talented at most anything they put their mind to! As you, too, set ambitious goals for the coming year, make sure your lingerie drawer is in support of your plans for world domination.

For Capricorns, luxury is not necessarily equivalent to frivolity

Known for their steadfast practicality, unwavering loyalty, and meticulous planning abilities, these cosmic mountain goats keep us mindful of the big picture, the 5-year plan, and how to get there, "the right way." Absorbing some of their older siblings' qualities (Taurus and Virgo), Capricorns appreciate the finer things in life, especially when they are un-fussy and of the highest quality -- they have worked hard, after all, and deserve nothing but the best! Thus, quality undergarments that will last years, and were made by masters of their craft, become a necessity.

Capricorn is the last Earth sign in the Zodiac

As such, they are environmentalists and remind us how important it is to balance their masculine energy with that of Mother Earth to serve cosmic harmony. Shopping local reduces your carbon footprint by reducing travel and shipping pollution. Buying quality over quantity reduces contributions to landfills. Brand loyalty to those who emphasize fair trade/ethical labor practices provides stability and more than just basic needs to our fellow humans. Respect for each other and our shared home is important, now and always!

Products pictured: Adina Reay Fran set (made especially for cup sizes over a DD), La Fille d'O Ace You Bra and Good Boy Thong, Muse Balcony Bra, Yolke Botanist Pajama Set