Lingerie by the Zodiac: Cancer 2019

Does this season of the Crab have you feeling introspective, nurturing, and emotional?

Ruled by the Moon, Cancer people are extremely intuitive and emotionally sensitive. The moon is also associated with feminine energy, making Cancer the nurturing, mother sign of the Zodiac.

Cancer people are generally excellent cooks and their creativity really shines in the kitchen and throughout their meticulously curated and maintained homes. Just as the Crab and his home (shell) are one, the Cancer person’s home and home life are extremely important. These ladies are happiest surrounded by family in the comfort of home. 

Often avid readers, this water sign has a rich and deep inner life, and enjoys getting lost in the fantasy of imagination. Thanks to the introspective moon as her ruler and her sign’s position as a cardinal sign (first water sign of the year), the Cancer gal’s vivid imagination dreams up some of the most creative ideas of all the signs. She places a high value on originality and beauty across all cultural forms.

The body part associated with Cancer is the chest/breasts — making this the perfect season in which to indulge in a new bra! Try something unexpected but ultra comfy in a blue or gray hue to honor this homebody water sign.

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