Lingerie by the Zodiac: Aries

Feeling feisty? The spring equinox has (FINALLY!!) arrived. And with the heat of spring comes Aries season. These firey folks are the first sign of the zodiac and are therefore, natural born leaders. They are fiercely independent, and even though they love to try new things, they won't be sucked in by a trend, as the opinions of others are unimportant to them. Their youthful energy can be perfectly channeled with the summery, cheerful Lucia color combo of sno-cone blue, bubblegum pink, and girlish lilac from Dora Larsen


The body part associated with Aries is the face, brain and skull, and some playful headwear from Fräulein Kink is a great way to channel their headstrong nature. Likewise, their ruling planet is Mars, the planet of sex and aggression. This fire sign runs red hot so make sure to get some red, pink, or whatever makes you feel PASSION this season!

These ruthless rams are passionate and loyal lovers. They will always protect and defend their loved ones with a burning intensity. Aries are very trustworthy, keep them close and don’t the romance go up in flames! Their enthusiasm for love directly reflects into their favorite colors, red and orange. Try some slinky orange pajamas like these or something with coral orange lace like Sophie. Looking for more ideas? Shop the rest of the Aries edit right here!