Leo Season: All Lit UP

Dry your eyes, and step out of your shell. It’s Leo Season, Darlings! The glorious month of the year where Sun steps into its lion power, and children of the Northern hemisphere are beckoned into the burning heart of summer for purification and uplift. A welcome change in pace for a season that, for many of us, commenced with a tsunami of drunk feeling. 

The melancholic, the broken hearted—I see you and am here to tell you that help has arrived. The royal cheerleader of the Zodiac is here to light a fire under your cute booty to take action around whatever it is you’ve been processing for the last month and change. 

This is the time to get UP and go, go, go! Although with Venus playing dead in the prickly glass of Virgo, it might be more of a crawl to walk to run to dance situation—but whatever! You have a month to get there. Wherever there is. Which could very well be no place at all. This is the Sun’s time to shine, damnit! Be here now.

On a less playful note, this author must confess to having their Ascendent in Leo and realizes that not all of us will experience the month’s transits with such enthusiasm. The lion, however lovable, is an energy that’s a little much for some. Hello, Aquarius and Cancer friends.  

Wherever Leo falls in your chart, the Sun is going to be shining a light on those topics for the month. Some of us might need sunglasses for the experience. As for that Venus situation, she isn’t exactly dead. Just struggling. For the good spin, we can choose to focus on the Mercurial side of our Venus affairs by being intentional with our communications.

The takeaway? This is an opportune time to practice the art of seeing while being seen. 

Scroll below for the good details. As always, read for your rising sign or your sun (if you must). Then go ahead and read the rest and see what sticks. 


Welcome to the heatwave, fiery hero. Yes, yes, spring is your season. Not summer. But, as one the one and only sign exalted by the Sun, you share a certain affinity with its home sign of Leo. All other things considered, this is an ideal month to pursue adventure and exploring creativity in whatever form feels good to you. Painting. Dance. Fire dancing. Sex. Just remember to breathe and drink lots of water.


This is a month for a siesta, leisurely bull friend. All this heat may be a bit much for your temperate ways. It’s best to stay inside the cool shade of your slow and steady sanctuary. Redecorate. Can some food. Host a dinner party. Maybe take a walk at the cool of dusk for some deep breaths, a sky full of stars, and a faint echo of the sizzling sun’s dance reverberating into the expanding darkness.


What’s on your mind? Go ahead and share it. In fact, shout it. From whatever mountain or megaphone you can find. And then hop in your car for a summer road trip adventure to visit scattered friends. Take a beach day, and read a book. Like All American Poem by Gemini poet Matthew Dickman. Write a book of poetry about your adventures and share them at your local kava bar after Bingo. Bingo!


There’s a theory, that I may or may not be making up right now, that Crab people take the summer season to welcome guests and reorganize their shells before shutting down for the rest of the seasons. I hope all the signs are reading this post because you need to know this is your one chance for easy emotional connectivity with a Cancer. Maybe they’ll invite you in for tea and biscuits. Or ask you to join them glamping in some lush wooded situation. Whatever the case, do not squander this opportunity. 


Sometimes stepping into your power feels like stepping into a thunderstorm: it’s terrifying, exhilarating, and there’s a real chance that a rogue lighting rod might strike you dead. Lions! Yes, this is your divine moment for rulership. And regeneration. Take caution not to lose yourself in the wild fancies of summer. What feels exhilarating today may return as a headache tomorrow. Indeed there is a time and place for over indulgence, but your life right now might not be it. 


On behalf of whoever created the Universe, I apologize for the fact that Aries Season and Leo Season come so close together in that they exist at all because not to be a downer, but I’ve met you, Virgo. Admit it, you find your fire friends extra. Anyway, it’s almost your time to enter your happy place of hemming and hawing over Will our hearts be lighter than a feather when judged by the scales Libra? On further consideration, you kind of are a bummer (says this Aries sun/ Leo rising). I dunno. Maybe invite your Cancer friend over for tea and cathartic release. 


I like this month for you. Broadly speaking, it’s light. It’s fun! Host a garden party. Run for president of your community garden. Watch TikTok videos in bed with your lover. Gaze into a stranger’s eyes until the early hours of the morning, drinking wine and sloppy reciting Rupi Kaur verses and misattributed Twitter quotes. Your people are important to you. (Sometimes to a fault.) Show them some appreciation before the Delta variant sends us all back to our rooms.


Leo Season is kind of sexy, yeah? Granted after the way Saturn and Uranus have been rocking your chart, you may not feel your sexiest. But I have a secret for you: fake it until you make it! You know what’s great for building confidence? Being forced to reinvent yourself after your world is torn apart at the seams. Whether you like it or not, there’s a good chance someone has their eyes on you. Throw them a sultry gaze. At the very least, don’t do anything you don’t want the whole world to know about. 


When traveling abroad this summer, make sure to check the Covid-restrictions of your destination country. Do you need a Covid-test to enter? You definitely need one to visit or return to the US. Some countries have strict mask policies: failure to comply with them can result in heavy fines or even jail time! Always travel with sunscreen and a backup phone charger. If you can’t drink the water, maybe don’t brush your teeth with it.  Send postcards. People appreciate them. 


Goats do not enjoy climbing mountains when the sun is at its peak. They’d rather be eating trees and lounging in the shade and giving you crazy goat eyes if they’re in heat, and you approach them in the wild. Did you know that goats can learn their name and respond to it like a dog? And that they’re the most eaten animal in the world? It’s a lot to process. If you feel like you need to find a shady place to sit out the rest of the season, honor that. 


Life would be so much less complicated if other people weren’t always fighting for your time and energy. Which is one way to view the current cosmic situation.  Another is: thank goodness for that friend who always drags you to the party or onto the dance floor. The one who gets you out of your head and into a fun outfit. Makes you sing along. The one who forces you out of your comfort zone. If you haven’t found them, maybe this month. 


Whoever said do what you want and you’ll never work a day, clearly never had to do their own taxes or hustle their small business on social media or realize that for much of the world’s population having a job is a big deal. Most of us, even the smug ones, at some points in our lives will have to do some things we don’t want to do. And that’s called work. We can either pretend to enjoy it or complain about it. We can definitely reward ourselves with treats and gifts. 

CV Henriette is a writer, maker of Cosmic Apothecary, and consulting Astrologer at ART of the ZODIAC. Follow her on Instagram at art_of_the_zodiac.