How to Care for your Intimates

Care Tips for your Lingerie

We ask a lot of our lingerie: Be supportive! Make me feel beautiful!

But, Lingerie is like a plant, you must take care of it! Some items are more sensitive and require more care than others, but lingerie is not an old towel you can just throw is the washer with some bleach! Care tags can be tricky -- you may find yourself asking, "What do these symbols even mean?" or "Why are there ancient cryptograms on the tags of my clothes?" 

Don't worry, Supernatural is here to help!

Tip #1:

Never put your lingerie in the dryer!

The heat from the dryer will cause certain fabrics to shrink, and certain elastics to be destroyed, therefore causing fabrics to sag, le sigh. Machine washing is OK for certain items, such as cottons. If you must use a washing machine, put it on the most delicate cycle with cool water, and use a lingerie bag to prevent snagging and shape distortions. Do not put in the lingerie bag with other clothes.  If something is dry clean only, (such as silk robes or chemises,) don’t risk it with hand washing, as certain silks will lose their sheen, or their colors will bleed.

Tip #2:

The best way to keep your lingerie lasting for many years is to hand wash and air dry! (Trust us, it’s not that bad.) Here’s how to do it:

  1. Make sure your tub or sink is clean, then fill it with lukewarm or cool water.
  2. Add some delicate soap (we like Dr. Bronners Plain Castile Soap, or The Laundress Silk and Delicate Wash.) One capful to one sinkful of water is enough. There's no exact science, just give it an eyeball!
  3. Soak items for about 10 minutes.
  4. Gently rub soiled areas with clean washcloth if needed.
  5. Rinse to make sure there is no extra soap left on the garments.
  6. Lightly squeeze out any excess water, do not wring! Wringing can cause a seam to bust or underwire to bend.
  7. Lay on clean towel and press out excess moisture.
  8. We recommend laying your items flat to dry. Hanging is fine too, but this may cause some items to stretch out.

Tip #3:

How often to wash?

Underwear: After each wear. Buy as many pairs as possible to avoid laundry days.

Bras: This is up to the wearer. Bras do not need to be washed everyday & washing them often is actually detrimental to the bras structure and materials.  Some experts recommend every 2-3 wears, where some recommend every 6-7 wears. This depends on activity and how much you sweat during the wear. Use your best judgement, but remember less is more. 

Pajamas: Every 4-5 wears.

Extra tips..

  1. Clean blood with ice cold water.
  2. Hook the back of your bras before washing
  3. Like regular clothes, separate lights from darks.
  4. Reshape bras with molded cups before they dry.
  5. Most rayon garments should be professionally dry cleaned as they can shrink easily.
  6. Do not let handwashing or dry clean only deter you from buying something you love! It is much easier than seems.

Did you chop off all your tags because they were itchy and can't remember what your undergarment is made of or how to wash it?  Any other questions? Contact us by phone (248-792-7433) or email and we will be happy to advise!