Happy Valentine’s Day! Make Love However You Damn Well Please!

Written by CV Henriette of ART of the ZODIAC

But, first, let’s start from the beginning. 

The origins of this day for romance can be traced back to Lupercalia, a pagan fertility rite welcoming spring. Dedicated to the Roman’s horned god of Agriculture, Faunus (think PAN), festivities included the sacrifice of both a goat and a dog. And something about naked people running through the street slapping passerby on the bum with pieces of meat—but, seriously…

The celebration’s evolution into the holy day of St Valentine, isn’t clear, but it’s rumored to feature a displeased Roman Emperor (Claudius II) and a beheaded bishop and/or priest. Another legend depicts Valentine as a heartbroken prisoner sentenced to death, signing a final note to his lover “From your Valentine.”

By the Middle Ages, St Valentine had become all the rage in England and France, and his death was honored in the middle of February. The same time of year, coincidently, when birds were thought to have their mating season. And, thus, ancient fertility rites and Saint eventually merge to create the holiday of love. 

Poems were written, kisses were stolen (in some cases, literally) and eventually the cheap price of postage brought about the greeting card BOOM. Each year, approximately 145 million Valentines are exchanged—not counting those pop-out cards children swap or the countless boxes of chalk flavored candy hearts.

Model wearing Studio Pia Naga set with horns in classical painting style, photo by @thetogfather

But What’s Astrology Have To Do With It?

Astrology-wise Valentine’s Day, falls in the middle of Aquarius season, the domain of—look away Modern astrologers—Saturn. The planet of limits, restrictions and things that get better with persistence and time. Like, say, marriage. Saturn can help you sever a partnership that’s not up for the long haul or deepen a commitment. 

Of course, being Aquarius, the sign of the eccentric and visionary, one could argue this is an opportune time to review, reimagine and recommit to the concept of relationship in general—whatever that means to you. Is marriage even the ideal? Who says monogamy? Who says I can’t be single? What about my friends?... Love is a construct, so why not construct the one of your dreams? 

Which Brings Us to This Valentine’s Day…

An especially sweet one. On February 14, 2021, Venus and Jupiter, the planets of love and expansiveness, respectively, will be separating from a sweet Aquarian embrace in the heavens. Which, frankly, could mean a lot of things, including a little bit of relief after what’s been some tumultuous astrological weather.

Making it an auspicious time to do like the lovebirds—single, solo, or in flock—and celebrate the coming of spring with a little help from the zodiacs harbingers of goodness. However you damn well please. Because, as history shows, Valentine’s Day isn’t all chocolates and roses.

Read below for a little inspiration by sign—Sun, Moon or Rising. Or why not read them all? Because life is all about new perspectives. 

Who says you have to give to receive? Or that you need to give at all? If you’re feeling like getting hot and heavy, get at it! You love solo like a boss. Even when others are around. 

Take a hint from your Aries friend and buy your own fancy chocolates! Then eat them in a bath filled with rose petals and fragrant oils. If you’re shopping for a Taurus, take note: this is the sign of big time sensuality. 

Is there anything sexier than a mental connection? Talk dirty to me is the Gemini mantra. Well, talk to me. The dirty part is up for debate. However you’re into making love, make some space to talk it out, lest you keep it in and explode with chatter! 

Those romantic comedies where couples stay in to dine on five course French meals. Who TF cooks like that? After 11 years of pandemic lockdown you might be the only Zodiac sign that still finds the idea of a chill evening at home exciting.

(Except maybe Aquarius because they live in their heads.)

When it comes to affection, there has to be more to say about the Lion than loving hard through big hair and extravagant outfits. We just haven’t thought of it yet. Which who cares? Because that always sounds like a perfect night. 

Valentine’s day was made for you! The ritual, the sense of duty—the details to plan and handwritten cards with considered prose. It’s perfect. As long as your sloppy date (Pisces) doesn’t ruin the fun. 

Lovebirds are tiny parrots that people like to keep in pairs and make big statements like “They will die of loneliness if kept alone.” Which is actually not true. Solo love birds do fine as long as they have healthy social interactions, Think about that, Libra. 

Remember MTV’s the Real World? In one of the early seasons someone’s girlfriend gave him an actual bloody heart in a box. Don’t do that. Ever. 

If you planned your flights right, you could enjoy multiple dates, in multiple cities, all on the same day, leading into one helluva night. It’s ambitious, sexy, and adventurous. Just like you Sagg. 

Is there anything more romantic than a date that arrives on time? Yes: a good credit score and luxury gifts with longevity. Like a well made harness built to hold you forever and ever and to death do us part. 

Do you ever fantasize about making the perfect partner? Out of a computer. It’s called a robot, and, yeah, us too. 

The English poet Geoffrey Chaucer wrote a super dream 700 line poem about birds mating on St Valentine’s Day called Assembly of the Fowls. That’s so you, Pisces. So whimsy. So extra extra.



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