Gemini Season Horoscopes: Make it Twice

Welcome to ‘everything twice’ Gemini! This twin season’s made extra special by its backwards spinning host, Mercury, who’s home but possibly too distracted for comfort. Cosmic chaos or divine intervention?

 It’s hard to tell. Especially since there’s so much happening in the sky this month. 

Jupiter has entered its home dream of Pisces. Mars is still wreaking havoc in Cancer. If Mercury’s retrograde wasn’t enough, the Cosmic Trickster is taking a dance with Neptune that might see some of us spinning gently out of reality. Only to be dropped back in by Father Saturn’s stomping into the room to demand “What TF have you been up to?!” And then slipping into a retrograde act himself.

And Eclipse Season.

Ah! The joys of Astrology. These are tumultuous waters, Darlings. Buckle up. And grab a notebook. Mercury’s the star player this month, so you’ll want to be taking notes. Your keywords are introspection and observation. Wherever Gemini falls in your chart is a place to watch as the mysteries unfold—slowly, sometimes painfully, but always with your best interest at heart (I promise). 

If you can, please, please, PLEASE, read for your rising sign. Don’t know what that is? Now's the time to schedule an Astrological consultation! You can also read for your Sun or your Moon sign. Or (my favorite option) read for them all and see what resonates. 


Do you have siblings? Check in on them. Just try not to start a fight. Or engage in one. Whatever feelings you have, put them down on paper—and store them in a safe place to read at a later date because everything you write at this time may frustrate you. Acknowledge the thoughts as they come without (too much) judgement. And remember that part about Mercury taking out computers and erasing hard drives is FACT. 


Sometimes we get money. Sometimes we lose it. This month, either is possible. One day you’re high on your NFT collection, the next you’re mourning its drastic drop in value and pondering uncertain times. What is its value? Its real value. As Mercury makes merry with your financial resources, this is an ideal time to examine your relationship with money: where it comes from, where it goes, and what this means for the rest of your life. 


Cute! If you’re Gemini Rising, Mercury’s in its favorite place: the first house, straddling the Upper and Lower realms. With the Swift Planet inhabiting the most personal part of your chart, this transit may seem extra—personal. Do you have a meditation habit? Shameless plug for Transcendental Meditation: If David Lynch isn’t enough to convince you, they’ve just released a super groovy app for new users. Treat yourself, Gemini, 


You know those times when it seems that everything in your life is coming to the surface? Like things you didn’t even know were in hiding are suddenly waking you up in the middle of the night, demanding your full attention. Traffic tickets you never knew about. That thing your sister did that’s suddenly coming to light...This is one of those times. It’s also an excellent  time for taking your demons out for a deep conversation over coffee. Think on the bright side! 


Ok Even I’ll admit this one feels like a cheat: your social life may be poppin’ this month. I know, I know, Jupiter slips into ‘let it all loose Pisces,’ and the CDC flings off the mask! But, truly, your social connections might feel extra significant. That board you sit on. Your knitting circle. Your expansive social network. Expect some stretching in these relationships—and remember the perfect fit takes trial and error.


It’s your time to shine! People say that like it’s always a good thing. I mean it can be, but...How’s it feel to be in the spotlight? Or maybe something you’re doing is getting some attention? Say, your business. Or your art career. Whatever the case, someone is watching, so pay close attention to the details and check everything twice. Then twice again—especially if it’s a contract or some other binding action. 



My favorite part about you, Venusian One, is your ability to weigh the options and take advice as well as you give it. These skills will come in handy this Mercury season as the emphasis is on your ninth house of higher education, foreign travel and witchy things. The projects you're working on now, if taken on with patience and intention, have the long-term potential to shape your life in a real way. 



Some Astrologers see a correlation between Scorpio and the Eighth House of the Zodiac. I am not one of those Astrologers. I will, however, suggest that your Scorpionic intensity and ‘I’ve seen the worst’ attitude primes you for a stroll through this House of Collective Consciousness. Sudden loss, tantric sex, an unexpected windfall of cash or tax bill—any and or all of this is possible & more! 


To paraphrase a favorite Astrologer, Anne Ortelee, if you break up with someone during Mercury Rx, expect to get back with them by the time it goes direct. This is good news if your lover—or business partner!—breaks your heart. Unfortunately, this advice won’t take away that restless, ‘I’m over this’ feeling, should that be your angle. Remember: what comes quickly, leaves just as quickly. 


Too often your drive and focus are mistaken for rigidity. In some ways, you’re one of the most flexible signs of the Zodiac: you’ve plotted your path up the mountain and have developed a real skill for eliminating obstacles along the way. This ‘take it as it comes’ approach will serve you well this month as Mercury drops the ball in your sixth house of routine and ritual. It’s all par for the course. 



This Eclipse Season is a potent one for creative projects—and/or making a baby, if that’s your thing. Of course, don’t hold me to that without seeing the rest of your chart. What I can say, with a high degree of certainty, is that it’s been a year for you, whether you’re feeling it or not. In years to come, you will look back at this time and say ‘It all started then.’ Take the time to think about what you want that ‘it’ to be. 


Have you ever noticed how Mercury’s retrogrades happen in elemental cycles? Last year when the Trickster was haunting water signs, everyone else in the Zodiac was facing an emotional breakdown, and you and Scorpio were like ‘Welcome home.’ But now that the focus has shifted to air, you may find yourself feeling like someone has taken the keys to reality and buried them just beyond the edge of the sea, and you can’t reach them because fish will die if they leave the water for longer than ten minutes. It’s like that.

CV Henriette is a writer, maker of Cosmic Apothecary, and consulting Astrologer at ART of the ZODIAC. Follow her on Instagram at art_of_the_zodiac.