And now we’ve reached the end, Pisces season. 

 By CV Henriette of ART of the ZODIAC

The close of the Zodiacal year, where each and every one of us is invited to integrate the impressions and lessons of the previous eleven signs: a time of preparation for Spring and the New Year. For much of history, this passage marked a time of great celebration, the place between death and rebirth, and the passing of one year-long cycle into another. 

Long before the Julian and the Gregorian calendars, before January 1st rang in the New Year,  our bodies and minds have measured cycles with the seasons. 

Home of Jupiter, Great Teacher of the Zodiac, Pisces is a space that invites questions and contemplation. It’s two fish swimming around a topic, dreamily searching for answers—the closing savasana, or corpse pose: connection to our unconscious, after a long stretch. A time of recalibration before regeneration, 

In the Northern Hemisphere, it’s the sloughing off of dead winter skin and ideas, as we prepare for the New Year our bodies know, as we, like the world around us, undergo physical and spiritual transformation. Like the plants around us, our hair and nails grow quicker, and our energy quickens, as our bodies unfold to greet the lengthening days. 

Which is to say, if Pisces season has you feeling a mix of hopeful and sluggish, that’s ok. This is a time for dreaming, contemplating and purging. It’s a call to feel into our bodies and release the weight of the previous year.

Read for your Sun, Moon, and/or Rising for some quick tips to Pisces Season Self Care. Or read all of them and see what resonates. 

Take this time to stretch into your body. Chances are a mix of Winter and Pandemic has you feeling rusty. If you’ve fallen off your exercise routine, some light yoga might be just the warm up before it's off to the races when the Sun dips into your sign later this month. 


Child of Venus, when’s the last time you’ve done a juice cleanse? Or treated yourself to a full body exfoliation and massage? The problem with being the sign of sensual indulgence is that you sometimes overdo it. No worries. Sloughing off the excess and can be a joyful experience—especially if you enlist the help of others. 



Take this time to mentally process the previous year and take stock of all the people you’ve become. Like actually. Have you ever made a scrapbook devoted to all your different looks? Because that’s a great idea. Or, better yet, maybe create a sort of “Best of Personas” drama and roleplay with a partner—or partners or alone to an audience of zero (or your pets). 


Hey, Babe. Summer’s just around the corner. If you try peeping out of your house now, it’ll be less of a shock later. Even Cancers love to hit the beach once in a while. And while you’re at the door, maybe take everything you’ve been gripping too tight in those sharp claws, and throw it out!! And then buy a fresh pair of restraints to celebrate. 




When’s the last time you’ve cleaned out your makeup collection, Sexy? If you’re still holding onto that pre-Pandemic mascara, we have a problem. And, no, “they don’t make that eyeshadow anymore,” is not an excuse to hoard germs. This is, however, a perfect excuse to pick up a new lip gloss to match your new nighty because your Spring wardrobe isn’t going to shop for itself! 



The High Priestesses in Rome were basically the heartbeat of the Empire. While technically they were virgins, the most notable thing about them is that they weren’t under the control of any man—a big thing for a woman back in the day. Whoever you are, gender aside, it’s worth asking yourself what’s been holding you back this year. And then reclaim your power. 



How are you? It’s hard being a set of scales. Something or another—or, commonly—one person or another—is always coming around to tip them. Totally exhausting, I know. Try getting into a deep meditative state (or really high!) and imagine everything falling off your scales. A fresh start. Can you envision it? If you have a Cancer friend, bring them along for the exercise. 



Basically you’re the bathtub of the Zodiac. Albeit, a deep one, which you like to spend time getting lost in, but a bathtub just the same. If you sit too long with your thoughts, it starts to get messy. Consider taking a long shower today. Maybe with a new soap to switch it up. And then open a window to let the breeze in. Fall may be your comfort zone, but a little (pre)Spring cleaning will do you good. 



Just because your Astro symbol is half horse doesn’t mean you like sleeping on the ground or drinking from puddles, but it probably means you like adventure! Between winter and Pandemic restrictions, no doubt you’re bursting at the hooves to get outa here! Wherever here is. Have you ever gone glamping? It’s like camping with a bed and all your favorite accessories. 


The Economist recently released an article about people who record their sexual activity on spreadsheets. That’s as much as I know because the article’s behind a paywall, but the thing is: don’t do that. Just don’t. Do, however, have a lot of uninhibited sex and orgasm so hard you lose your mind. Because sometimes it’s important to remind ourselves that life can be pleasurable and that you can’t control everything. 



How are you? It’s been a big time for you Aquarius. A lot of activity, changes and big ideas. You deserve a break. Which feels counterintuitive when you’re chasing after a VISION. But, seriously, do it. Fact: meditation improves thinking and cuts down on sleeping, giving you more time to THINK HARDER. I’m a fan of Transcendental Meditation, but the Calm app is nice too. 



It’s your party and you can cry if you want to! Or take as many baths as you want to. Or take as long getting dressed as you want to. Or day dream all day, if you’d like. This is your time to dawdle about as much as you want to. Or eat breakfast for dinner every day of the week if you want to because what is time and what is reality? Where are you, anyway? You are the dissolving stuff in the Universe that leads us into Spring. 


Thank you, Pisces. Thank you.