2021 Through The Signs

By CV Henriette of ART of the ZODIAC

At the close of 2020, during the magical Winter Solstice season, when day and night stand at equilibrium, before tipping into light, something even more magical happened: planets Saturn and Jupiter kissed in the sign of Aquarius, signaling big things for humanity.

Sure, sure, Saturn and Aquarius meet up every twenty years in a lover’s embrace, but this time was different. This kiss signaled a move from two hundred or so years of Earth based dates to a fresh two hundred year cycle of Air based dates. Astrologically speaking, we went from making out in the back of a Chevy Seville to making out in the back of a FLYING Tesla headed to Mars.

None of us will ever be the same. 

That may have sounded radical a year ago, before Spaceship Earth was rocked with a Pandemic that would force each of us to question our most taken for granted habits: how we love, work, educate our children, ETC. The change has been working over us for a while now. 

What Saturn and Jupiter bring is the clarity that we can’t go back. The old way of living is gone. But the future is ours to create. 

Find your rising sign below and read about what these big moves mean for you. If you don't know your rising sign, read for your Sun. And then maybe read all of them and see what inspires you...


Find your tribe. 2021 is all about exploring social groups. Style-wise, this is an exciting time to play dress up. It's like that dream where you're back in high school. Except instead of being naked you get to create a new persona every day! Are you feeling theatrical? Ever fantasize about being a cheerleader? A basketball star? Wanna hang with the naughty goth girls? Um... you get the point. Try it ALL on, Aries.

Fraulein Kink Fringe Skirt on model, front view


Dress for success. Everyone knows the bull loves fine food, pleasing scents, aesthetic pleasures, and anything that feels good to the touch. And now you get to share those gifts with others! Matters of career and public reputation are on the forefront this year, Taurus. But what about the Pandemic? Revolutionary Aquarius is calling the shots, which means put your best self forward on that ZOOM date. You have an audience.


Get out and explore. Metaphorically. And literally. Fun fact: an American passport will still get you into Portugal. I don't know about you, but I could go for a glass of port and a seaside view right now! This year's keywords are travel, discovery and philosophy. While your quest might not bring you to a dark restaurant, listening to soulful sounds of Fado, may we suggest a Parisian adventure at home with some French lace?


Open your shell. Show the more seductive part of your personality aka that soft crab underbelly. This year signal's the end of a long transit marked by "relationship." Chances are you ended and/or got into one. Or two or three or four. No matter. The theme now is: go deep. We're talking the sort of sensual exploration that only comes after you've done the hard work of truly seeing yourself in another person.


Define relationship. With convention breaker Aquarius holding down your 7th house of partner, 2021 invites you to ask 'Who am I in relationship to another person?' This might mean dissolving a partnership that no longer serves you or discovering your dream mate is nothing you've ever imagined. Maybe you crave more space. Or partners. Or a different gender. Whatever the situation, shape shifting is your power Leo, and there's nothing like an old-fashioned game of dress up to add clarity to any situation.


Work, work, work. Doesn't have to be a bad thing. Especially when you're working on creating the rituals and routines that sustain your mental, physical and spiritual health. And, honestly Virgo, this might be a good outlet for your 'let me get all the details just right' obsession. Are you getting enough exercise? Drinking enough water? Do you have a nighttime ritual? We hear slipping into bed after a hot bath and relaxing beverage makes for a highly productive morning.


Follow your passion. All other factors considered, this could be a super fun year for you! Romance, adventure...babies! However you create joy, this is the year to explore that. Not sure what that is? Start experimenting, Child of Venus. Listen to music you've never heard. Take up drawing or poetry or basket weaving or—you get the idea. If you're single, date someone you've never considered, and start experimenting with them.


Make your bed. Metaphorically and physically. Fact: Scorpio is the sexiest sign of the Zodiac, making this year's focus on home a perfect fit. We're talking roots. The ones from which you rose and those you've set down. Big topics, yeah? Which is why I suggest tackling the matter where it counts: in the bedroom. Use this excuse for new sheets and fluffier pillows. Maybe a new mattress. Just don't forget the most important part: a new covering for the heartbeat of this home (you).


Give voice to your surroundings. What is that beautiful house?/ Where does that highway go to?/ Am I right?!  Am I wrong?!/ My God! What have I done? Thoughts become reality. This is the time to question all of them and create the life you want. Are you making choices that benefit the greater good, like choosing to recycle and buy sustainable garments? The biggest danger here is becoming too dogmatic—but that's generally your cross to bear, Centaur.


Establish your values. Admittedly this isn't an easy task after a year that's turned the very notion of normal upside down for all of us. Specifically you, Capricorn, may find your way of earning a living called into question. Am I essential? Will I ever go into the office again? Do I want to go back? It's a lot to process, so maybe start with the simple questions like: Red or white wine to calm my nerves? Balconette or bralette?


This is my year. That's your mantra. Say it aloud. Every day. With enthusiasm and passion. And, preferably while working up a sweat because that’s how you create emotional memory. Has anyone ever called you a visionary? By the end of this transit they might. Aquarius, this is your once in a 30 year opportunity to let the Universe shape you from the inside out. How will you dress for the occasion?


Let it all go. This is the year of the deep clean, Pisces. It's like when you finally get around to cleaning your room after forever and realize most of those precious things you've been are hoarding are actually garbage, and it's been making you way more anxious than you've realized. This year is like that. So, yeah, your closet is probably ready for an overhaul. To say the least.  

Cover image is Joan Mìro, Constellations: Acrobatic Dancers, 1940