Welcome to the Age of Air! A Virtual Pajama Party

Join us to celebrate the beginning of the Age of Air, the entrance of Saturn and Jupiter in the sign of Aquarius! We'll be hosting a virtual pajama party on Thursday, January 7 at 7pm. Register at the link below for this free event!

On December 21st, 2020, as the Sun stepped into Capricorn and Inhabitants of the Northern Hemisphere experienced the shortest day of the year, the planets Saturn and Jupiter met in an extremely tight embrace, ushering in a new era: an Age of Aquarius.

Or more precisely, an Age of Air. The element responsible for breathing and the World Wide Web. After a couple hundred years of Saturn and Jupiter making their every 20 year rendezvous in Earth Signs, December's meetup in the sign of Aquarius signals an elemental change that will define the next 200 + years of life on Spaceship Earth. It's the kind of astrological moment that many generations never experience aka a big deal.

But what does it mean for me? A lot! Think: new ideas, new energy, new beginnings—for the individual and the collective. Also think: Big Jetsons energy a la flying cars, drones and 3-D printed food, ETC. The future has officially landed.

To celebrate we're throwing a DIGITAL PAJAMA PARTY! Because who doesn't want to dress up in lingerie and discuss the future from the comfort of their own home?! We'll be reflecting on 2020 and talking about some of the practical ways to ride this new energy into 2021. If you're astro curious, send along your birth details, and CV Henriette will show you where this action is happening for you.

CV Henriette is an Astrologer, Writer and Maker of Cosmic Apothecary. Find her at ArtoftheZodiac.CO and follow her on IG at @art_of_the_zodiac

We will post a link to the virtual space here and send to all registered participants closer to the day!

Please note when registering for this event that your contact details will be shared both with Supernatural and ART of the ZODIAC.

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