Why reduce the bra to what it has been for the past 200 years and still is today? We can and need better. SLO GLO is the bra of the future and the present. A gift indeed, bringing you a high neckline and La Fille d'O's signature monowire. The neckline avoids digging in the chest creating a much dreaded double breast effect under clothes. Instead it offers a great chance to create a striking outfit, for it merges perfectly with any garment you choose to pair it with. The absence of shoulder straps creates a cleaner look, because they are incorporated in the design and are no longer a stand alone part of the bra. this allows us to cancel the digging of straps in our shoulder all together. The back design is genius in all its simplicity. A wide contour strap offers all the support you need without digging in the flesh. The short back seam offers an X shaped support between the shoulder blades, mimicking the shape of muscle structure beneath the skin. The cathedral window left bare on the back proves that it is possible to design a product that is so stunning one could forget about all the functional tricks it holds inside. A love story, but smarter.

Fit Information:

  • Each size is meticulously fitted on bodies to ensure a comfortable and supportive fit for all available sizes:
    • Size 1 = 30C/32B/34A
    • Size 2 = 30D/32C/34B/36A
    • Size 3 = 32D/34C/36B
    • Size 4 = 32DD-E/34D/36C/38B
    • Size 5 = 32F/34DD-E/36D/38C
    • Size 6 = 32G/34F/36E/38D/40C
    • Size 7 = 34G/36F/38E/40D

Product details:
  • La Fille d'O's SOFT TULLE fabric is of the whispering kind. A trustworthy workhorse, providing both a firm hold and the suggestion of what lies underneath. Like honey comb, the structure of the tulle suggest the work of a professional. The repetition of similar shapes, however tiny as they may be, work together to become a solid structure covering your skin as if it were an invention of nature itself. Light weight, heavy duty, causing the most intriguing hue of shades over your skin, this fabric is the bee’s knees for your lingerie drawer. Made in Belgium at Liebaert and Oeko-tex certified, this is your cue if you are looking for a no nonsense fabric that will last and look the part.
  • garment manufactured in belgium. fabric made in belgium.
  • elastic trimmings made in belgium. hardware made in germany.
  • underwire made in france.
  • all resources are oeko-tex certified.

  • machine wash cold on delicate cycle; do not tumble dry, it makes your lingerie last longer
  • due to the delicate nature of this garment, we advise to handle with care

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