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Lingerie by the Zodiac: Pisces 2019

Feeling like your head has been in the clouds lately? That’s because Pisces season is here! These little fish, they’re dreamers. Pisceans consistently blur the lines between fantasy and reality, but this characteristic makes them more receptive to physic ability and spiritual awakenings. This kind of intuition comes easy to Pieces, but it may take some meditation for the rest of us! How about the Maya Set for all your yoga/reflection needs?

Pisceans love to spend time alone, (if you love a good nap, check out our linen set by Yolke) but because of their immense compassion and sensitivity for others, they find themselves surrounded by many different personalities. They are the last sign of the Zodiac, so they understand all the worries of the signs before them. Did you know that Pisces love purple? This dreamy and romantic Kelani set by Taryn Winters is perfect for your next escape from reality.

Ruled by Neptune,  Pisces are artistic, gentle and whimsical.  Neptune also controls all water, Pisces ruling element, so therefore these fish are happiest by the ocean. This swimsuit by Fortnight is just right for your next trip to the sea (or the pool!). Pisces are so mystical, and therefore their ruling body part is the feet (they need something to keep them grounded!) These Judith socks are the perfect shade of sky blue.

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