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Bordelle's Lea Collection

This stunning and bold collection feels like a love letter to the power and attitude of urban dance movements like Voguing and associated street fashion. 

Voguing emerged from the 1980s LGBTQ Ballroom culture, which served as an important safe space for otherwise marginalized black and Latino gay and trans folks. Self expression through dance, performance, costume and competition was the name of the game and Voguing itself was inspired by the dramatic poses of the models on the pages of the eponymous magazine. 

Though later coopted by Madonna and other mainstream pop culture, this dance scene and the moves themselves remain a strong element through present drag and Ballroom culture. Self representation through dance reflects autonomy over the body, and the surrogate families created among individuals in this community create a powerful sense of belonging and acceptance. 

This collection's somewhat androgynous silhouettes and sporty/practical yet completely opulent and luxurious fabrics and detailing reflect this passionate, charismatic, and FIERCE movement perfectly. 

Go on, strike a pose.